KEGS Special Programs

Special General Meeting Drawing Tickets

In keeping with KEGS desire to promote and reward member participation we have implemented a way for KEGS members to obtain additional chances to win drawing items at our General Meetings.  Every time a member attends an authorized KEGS SIG meeting, the KEGS SIG Leader will see that they are given one full drawing ticket that can be used at any future KEGS General Meeting. 

All you have to do is tear the ticket in half and place the appropriate half in our drawing container at any one of our general meetings.  That's right; participate in KEGS SIGS and you get extra chances to win items at our General Meetings.

There are no time limits or other restrictions associated with this program so you can review our General Meeting information and save-up your extra chances for the meetings that have the products that you'd really like to win. 

Please note that this program has NO affect on our policy of selling extra drawing tickets at our General Meetings.  It's just our way of rewarding you for being an active KEGS member.