KEGS Membership Drive

KEGS started a membership drive in 2003 and later decided to keep the drive as an ongoing program and benefit for our members.

The Rules are simple: All you have to do help us get new KEGS members.

  1. The program now runs every year from December 1st to November 30th.
  2. The new member cannot have ever been a member of KEGS.
  3. The membership form that they submit must have your name and KEGS member number on their form on the “Referred person” line.
  4. You must be an active member when we receive the “New Member” form.

The Benefits to the “Referrer”:

  • For every new member you bring to KEGS you will get a refund of 1/3 on your next years KEGS membership.  (The program only allows for a maximum credit of three new members.  Any new members that are referred beyond 3 will go into the “not referred” pool.)

Special situations:

  • Credit for all new memberships that are received during the same time frame but are “not referred” will be credited to KEGS members via a special drawing.  This drawing will be held at the December KEGS General meeting following the November 30th date that defines the end of that years membership drive.  (Any KEGS member that has already been credited with three referrals is ineligible for participation of this drawing.)

Below is the status of our current membership drive.

December 2004

The following links give a list of members that have benefited from past membership drives.

December 2003


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