KEGS General Meeting Schedule

for 2016

A listing of presenters that we have scheduled for our Monthly General Presentations.

Please go to our Meetings page for location and driving instructions.

Contact KEGS program chairman if you have any questions about scheduling your company for a KEGS presentation. 

Month Date Presentation
January 1/11/2016

"Identity Theft" by S. Spearman, CPA.

February 2/8/2016 "Using Webcams for Surveillance" by Francis Chao.
March 3/14/2016 "Customizing Windows 10" by Hewie Poplock
April 4/11/2016 "Facebook" by Ron Rael
May 5/9/2016 HP Printers by Dylan Meeker
June 6/13/2016 Kegabuck$ Auction
July 7/11/2016 Special Meeting Location: Bellevue Regional Library, Room 1,  1111 110th Ave NE, Bellevue WA 98004

Topic will be Windows 10 by Steve Fondren

August 8/8/2016 Special Meeting Location: Microsoft Store, Bellevue Square

Topics will be Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Microsoft's Edge Browser

September 9/12/2016 Topic will be Epson Printers by Nick Elder
October 10/10/2016 "Free Microsoft Office Online with Windows 10" by Carl Von Papp
November 11/14/2016 Medicare by Larry Ford.  "Larry Ford will present an overview of Medicare--its history, structure, what it covers, and what you need to know to enroll or change plans."  This is not a sales presentation.  It is an opportunity for members and their guests to ask those nagging questions about Medicare.
December 12/12/2016 New Tech for Christmas presented by KEGS' Members Jon Mercer and David Dodge.  Don't miss our annual Cookies and Egg Nog!


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