KEGS General Meeting Schedule

for 2013

A listing of presenters that we have scheduled for our Monthly General Presentations.

Please go to our Meetings page for location and driving instructions.

Contact KEGS program chairman if you have any questions about scheduling your company for a KEGS presentation. 

Month Date Presentation
January 1/14/2013 Our speaker will be Toolie Garner who is writing a book about cloud computing.
February 2/11/2013

Speaker:  Doug Wilson, Professional Photographer

Topic:  Can I Make Money from those Great Photos I Just Took?
March 3/11/2013 Carl A. Von Papp will be giving us a presentation on "Tips and Tricks for Windows 8"
April 4/8/2013 Laura & John Wise will be giving us some "Vacation Photography Tips"
May 5/13/2013 Steve Fondren will be giving us another great pressentation.
June 6/10/2013 Kegabuck$ Auction
July 7/8/2013 Downtown Bellevue Square at the Microsoft Store
August 8/12/2013 No Meeting this month - have some summer fun!
September 9/9/2013 Sherry Holthe will be giving a presentation on Genealogy & Legacy Family Tree
October 10/14/2013 Herb Johnson and Bill Butler will review "Good Inexpensive Digital Cameras"
November 11/11/2013 Downtown Bellevue Square at the Microsoft Store - They will be presenting to us on Win 8.1
December 12/9/2013 Gene Barlow Webinar on  Acronis, Elections PLUS cookies and eggnog


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