KEGS General Meeting Schedule

for 2012

A listing of presenters that we have scheduled for our Monthly General Presentations.

Please go to our Meetings page for location and driving instructions.

Contact KEGS program chairman if you have any questions about scheduling your company for a KEGS presentation. 

Month Date Presentation
January 1/9/2012 This month we're having a 2-part presentation:  First our own Jon Mercer will review all the new "Touch" technology that's offered in different Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows 8 Developers Preview, Android, and Apple).  The second half will be a presentation on how to handle the large files sizes put out by the newer 16MP and higher digital cameras.
February 2/13/2012 Natalie Danielson has agreed to speak this Monday evening about Twitter. 
March 3/12/2012 Come and find out what they can tell you about Windows 8
April 4/9/2012 Microsoft's David Burt will be giving us a Security Update
May 5/14/2012 Microsoft's Fred Pullen is going to present a review of Internet Explorer 10
June 6/11/2012 Kegabuck$ Auction
July 7/9/2012 Our July General Meeting will be “Organizing, Protect & Share Your Hard Drive using utilities from Acronis.” This topic will be presented by Gene Barlow of User Group Relations via webinar using Skype.
August 8/13/2012

Our August General Meeting will be a 2 part meeting

- Bill Fisher will be showing 1962 World's Fair Photos

- Jon Mercer will cover some of the New Technology

September 9/10/2012 Ray Pettit from Laplink will be presenting a review of their products
October 10/8/2012 Speed Up Your Computer with a Solid State Drive and RAM Disk.  Herb Johnson will show us step-by-step how he installed a $60 solid state drive and utilized a RAM disk to speed up his computer.  You know how software like Photoshop takes forever to load; you will be amazed at the difference after his installation.  Herb includes all of the tips and tricks you need to know with his visual presentation and written material.  
November 11/12/2012 NOTE: THIS MEETING IS NOT AT KTUB  - Well be meeting at the Bellevue Microsoft Store
December 12/10/2012  

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