KEGS General Meeting Schedule

for 2009

A listing of presenters that we have scheduled for our Monthly General Presentations.

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Topic:           Music on your PC - Capturing & converting (from tapes, records and the Internet), editing, adjusting speed without changing pitch, working with your MP3 player, getting those downloads to work anywhere, some fun (and free) music programs you can download and any questions you may bring to the presentation.
Speakers:      Joe Mraz



We'll have two presenters this month :

- David Dodge will give a review of some of today's latest computer technologies

- Phil Mark Davis will give a presentation on sound systems possibilities for our presentations.



Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas--Ron Cowger and John Tate will tell us about their visit to The 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that was held in Las Vegas in January.  It is a trade-only show and is not open to the general public. At the show, many previews of products are introduced, or new products are announced.  The CES is now considered one of the major technology-related trade shows, following the cancellation of Comdex.  Ron will talk about the size and configuration of CES.  Then, he will talk about several of the more interesting products that caught his eye including super-thin television sets, several energy saving products, new wiring products, advanced automotive accessories and HD radios.  Ron intends to scan some of the more interesting sales literature that he picked up and present selected images from the brochures.  Every year we hear about the Consumer Electronics Show so it will be interesting to learn more about it. 



Microsoft’s Windows 7 (Beta)

Sean Gilmour will demonstrate Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7 (Beta).  Some of the new features include:  a greatly improved taskbar, helpful thumbnails of open programs, an efficient way to organize recently used files, how to easily position two windows on the desktop to compare them and work between them, an easier way to setup and manage a home network, and much more.  You won’t want to miss this presentation



Our President and Treasurer (Ron Cowger & John Tate) will be giving a review of their trip to the 2009 CES (Consumer Electronics Show).  Please see the "Prez Says" in our May newsletter for more info.



Kegabuck$ auction

The KEGABUCK$ Auction 



Cyber Security—Our presenter will be an FBI Agent who will cover various types of Internet-based criminal activities such as hacking, violation of intelligent property rights, fraud schemes, and other activities of interest to members of KEGS.  Plan to attend this meeting to learn more about the risks on the Internet and things that we all should do to protect ourselves and our computers.  The last time we had an FBI agent speak to KEGS, this was one of the most popular presentations of the year.  Please invite your friends and neighbors to join us.



Gene Barlow will present a short mini-webinar between our normal Q and A period and the main presentation of the evening.  The focus of the mini-webinar will be a technical presentation on software that our members have purchased from Gene in the past.  The webinar is planned to last about fifteen minutes and gives our members an opportunity to ask questions about Acronis software and clarify features that they may not fully understand.

Our main presentation for the August General Meeting will be David Dodge sharing his knowledge of current system Technology.  Be sure to bring along all you questions.



Jocelyn “Toolie” Garner, will present more effective searches using Google, Bing and Yahoo Search.  Jocelyn has worked with computers for twenty-five years including ten years at Microsoft as a programmer, tester, technical writer and program manager.  Since leaving Microsoft in 2003, she has been working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and associations to find cost-effective solutions to providing information online through websites, blogs, and social media.



David Tesar from Microsoft to tell us about the new features in IE8 and why it is a great browser for anyone who uses the Internet.  David has held a number of positions during his seven years at Microsoft and is currently Technical Evangelist focusing on IE8, the Forefront Protection Suite and leading TechNet Edge.  During his presentation, he will tell us what we need to do to upgrade or migrate to IE8 for those who haven’t done that yet.  He will also present a number of demonstrations on its enhanced productivity and security features and show some of the strengths that IE8 has over Firefox and Chrome.



Laptop Computers--Jose Calero of LapWorks, Inc. will cover material related to laptop computers and how to work with them more safely and securely.  He will provide the following information:  What you should know about notebook overheating problems; What you should know about notebook desks and stands; what you should know about notebook ergonomics; and what you should know about LapWorks, Inc. and their products.  If you own a laptop or are planning to purchase one, you should attend this meeting.  We will have door prizes from LapWorks.  Join us for an informative evening, and please invite your friends and relatives. 



Sean Gilmour from Microsoft will be back with us again to review Windows 7 now that it has officially launched.  He spoke to us in April and gave us a lot of great info.  Gather up your questions and get ready for a fun meeting.

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