KEGS General Meeting Schedule

for 2007

A listing of presenters that we have scheduled for our Monthly General Presentations.

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New Storage Device--Do you need extra Space on your network?  Is your PC too full to save anything?  Dave Dodge presents a quick and easy storage solution.  The NexStarLX  NAS Hard Drive Enclosure.  This allows you to add a storage platform to your network without having to buy a server or an OS.  It runs on PATA drives, so you can reuse those old 40GB drives you pulled from that old PC.  Best of all, itís under $100, just add your own drive. The part is the NST375LX and you can find out more information at



Protect Yourself from the Internet--This will be an in-depth review of the dangers of today's internet including viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, identity theft, bogus requests for account updates, etc.  You will receive informational handouts to take home.  This should be an interesting topic that affects all of us as we are out surfing the internet and receiving all kinds of email from strangers.



Technology Update--President David Dodge and Secretary Bob Baxter will bring us up to date on the latest technology  including motherboards and processors (chips).  If you have something you would like to share, please let David know prior to our 7:00 PM Meeting so that he can fit you into our program.



Microsoft's Windows Vista--Carl Von Papp will do a presentation on the attributes of Vista.  Then he will demonstrate some of the applications included with Vista and round off his presentation with a demonstration of some of the utilities included with Vista.  Carl teaches at Bellevue Community College and has been studying Vista in depth so that he will be better able to teach his students.  You will be amazed at what you will learn from Carl's presentation.  Here is your opportunity to find out about Aero, Pixel Shader, SuperFetch, ReadyBoost, Flip 3-D Feature, SideShow, XPS Documents, BitLocker, Display Driver Model, and Live File System and have your questions answered.  Carl will have a 20-page handout for you.  



Microsoft's Xbox 360--Arka Ray from Microsoft will tell us what Xbox 360 can do in addition to just playing games.  "At its core, Xbox 360 is an amazing game machine with a wide selection of titles.  But it is also an entertainment system that lets people power new experiences.  Every Xbox 360 system has built-in progressive-scan DVD movie, CD music and photo playback support. . . . And every MP3 player, digital camera and Windows XP-based PC with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 port can plug right into an Xbox 360 system to stream music and photos.  In addition, with built-in Media Center Extender functionality in every system, Xbox 360 players can access recorded TV and digital movies, music, video and photos stored on Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005-based PC's through any Xbox 360 system in the house." Even though you think you may never use an Xbox, this is our opportunity to learn more about it to try to stay up-to-date when conversing with our friends, children and grandchildren.



Kegabuck$ auction

The KEGABUCK$ Auction



Thank you, Laura Wise--When our July speaker canceled at 10 AM the day of our meeting, (member) Laura Wise on only a few hours notice prepared a great presentation (on digital photography) for us.



Obtaining the Best Impact in Digital Photography--Herb Johnson will describe how he uses concepts developed 100 years ago for black and white photography with current digital photography.  His presentation will use both images and graphics to demonstrate the procedures he follows in the field and on his computer to get the best impact in his digital photography.  He will finish off with some live Photoshop demonstrations on image optimization.  Herb Johnson is an active member of The Mountaineers Photography Committee, a skilled photographer, and a popular speaker.  Some of our best programs have been given by Herb.  Here is your opportunity to ask the expert.  Be sure to invite your friends and neighbors to spend an enjoyable evening with us watching Herb's outstanding images.



Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera--"Thinking about buying a new digital camera?  Laurence Chen of Laurence Chen Photography in Seattle will help you make the right choice.  He will explain why the kind of photographs and the kind of photographer you are will help determine the camera you should select.  He will talk about the key specifications and features you should look for, and he will provide some specific recommendations for camera buyers of all levels."  Laurence Chen is a professional photographer and adjunct faculty member teaching photography at Seattle Pacific University. He is also author of an ebook titled Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera.  For more information go to



FiOS (Fiber Optic Services) and FTTP (Fiber to the Premises)--John Gustafson and Rod Pearson with Verizon will present an overview of Verizon's Fiber to the Premises Project.  This will include:  Why Verizon is making the FTTP investment; Where Verizon is building in Washington State; Review of FTTP capabilities; Overview of FiOS products and services; FTTP construction overview; Consumer and community benefits; and How competition benefits communities and customers.  They will provide time for Questions and Answers.  This is a great opportunity to learn about Fiber Optic Services and capabilities.  Be sure to invite your friends and neighbors to join us.



Antivirus Security--Heuristics is the technology that security vendors use to attempt to solve problems that signature-based solutions cannot fully address.  Antivirus companies can use multiple heuristic approaches to aid in the detection of new threats before signatures can be generated. This presentation will define heuristics, describe a variety of approaches employed, and discuss the strengths and limitations of heuristics. If you don't understand heuristics, you will still go away with a functional understanding of the technology. If you are an expert, you will discover more effective approaches to teaching the subject. The presentation has been well received at the Toronto Area Security Klatch (, the Sonoran Desert Security User Group, and by audiences in Ireland, Russia, and Poland. The presentation will form the foundation of "Teaching and Understanding Heuristics" to be presented at the Association of AntiVirus Asia Researcher's Conference this November in Seoul Korea  ( 


Topic:           Microsoft Office - Publisher 2007
Speakers:      Joe Mraz

What's new in Microsoft Office Publisher 2007?--"Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 is the business publishing program that helps you create, design, and publish professional-looking marketing and communication materials. You can create materials for print, e-mail, and the Web with an intuitive, task-based environment that guides you from initial concept to final delivery in-house without professional design and production expertise.


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