KEGS General Meeting Schedule

for 2004

A listing of past presenters that we have scheduled for our Monthly General Presentations.






Learn how to "Unwire with Intel"

Find out how the new Intel® Centrino mobile technology can help you stay connected to the people and things
that are most important to you—even when you’re on the go. Intel Centrino mobile technology enables extended battery life, delivers outstanding mobile performance,
and includes integrated wireless LAN capability.


The presentation will cover key aspects of Intel Centrino mobile technology, as well as an overview on how to
take advantage of the latest wireless innovations.
Attend to learn more about “unwiring” and receive a
thank you gift from Intel, plus a special product offer
from Gateway*.



Mark Miller from Microsoft will be speaking on PC security.



Ever heard of SPOT?  No, it's not the dog you read about in grade school.  We're talking about Smart Personal Objects Technology.

Microsoft is very committed to this technology and is teaming up with many other vendors to make it a success.  Come hear about Microsoft's strategy for SPOTs success at our March meeting

Oh, Microsoft will be giving away one of the new SPOT watches during this presentation at our KEGS drawing.  You can get a general knowledge of SPOT and take a look at what you could get at

Q&A: Microsoft and Watch-making Partners Announce First Smart Personal Objects Technology Wristwatches



Faronics Corporation will present Deep Freeze.  Deep Freeze is the software program that we use in the Bellevue and Kirkland Computer Labs.  Deep Freeze is not just for public access computers — you may find it useful on your home computer if you want to make sure that other users in your home cannot change settings, download unwanted items, and in general destroy your hard work.  Join us at our April Meeting to learn about the program that hackers have not been able to defeat.

Find out more about Deep Freeze by going to their WEB site -



TWO FOR ONE!  Our May Meeting will consist of two presentations:

 1.  Learn how to bring the digital home experience into your home.  The convergence of digital media, PC Technology and consumer electronics is opening up a whole new world of home entertainment.  Find out how high-performance PCs, new devices, wireless LAN and broadband internet access are changing the way you and your family can enjoy digital music, photography and video throughtout your home.  Steve Fondren’s presentation for Intel will cover what’s possible in today’s digital home and the building blocks you need to get started.  Attend this seminar to see what the digital home buzz is about, and receive a thank you gift from Intel (Steve says it’s cool).  For more information, go to

 2.  What is computer forensics?  What is file slack, ram slack, drive slack, and what is their significance?  What is data hiding?  What tools are used in the computer forensics field?  Steve Hailey of the Cyber Security Institute will present an Introduction to Computer Forensics.  With computer-related crimes on the rise and day-to-day litigation involving computers becoming commonplace, come learn about this rapidly growing field with its increasing need for skilled computer forensics professionals.  For more information, go to          




Kegabuck$ auction

The KEGABUCK$ Auction



Gene Barlow, who now represents Symantec (they purchased Power Quest) and other companies, is making his annual trip to the Northwest.  Gene is an interesting and popular speaker; his topic will be “Maintaining a Trouble-Free PC”.  For more information go to:



Two for One:

First, Joe Mraz will present a review of Blue Squirrel's "Click2PDF", an inexpensive way to convert your documents into PDF files that work with Adobe's PDF reader.  For more information go to:

Second, Keith Ennis of Voice Factor will be presenting the latest information about voice recognition technology.  You will be amazed at the advances in this field.  You can instantly convert what you say into text at speeds up to 160 words per minute and can use this technology with programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, and Excel. For more information go to:



Tats Amaze of the Microsoft Usability Group and others from the Tablet PC Group will let us know what kinds of projects for which Microsoft needs participants of all ages and backgrounds.  Tats is an engaging speaker; you will enjoy his charming presentation.  For more information go to:



Our October meeting has two presenters

Our own David Dodge will show you how to use multiple operating systems on the same PC using  VM Ware's virtual machine software.  See info on the vendor at

Data Recovery will be talking about the services they offer and just how hard it is to get info out of a crashed hard drive.  Visit their website at



Our November Meeting will be very special!  Adventurer, professional photographer, author, and excellent speaker, Helen Thayer will give a presentation titled “Three Among the Wolves”.  Helen uses both a digital camera and a 35 mm camera on her expeditions and will let us know under which circumstances she chooses her digital or 35 mm.  In 1988, Helen was the first female to make the trek solo to the Magnetic North Pole on foot without dog sled or snowmobile and with the help of her Inuit part-wolf dog, Charlie.  In 1994, Charlie played an important role on the trip by Helen and her husband Bill to the Canadian Yukon Territory to live among the wolves.  This program should be of interest also to your family members and friends.  Be sure to invite them to attend our meeting!  For more information about the accomplishments of our speaker, go to



Kevin Saito from RealNetworks will tell us all about the latest products from Real Networks.  Those of you who are music buffs should be interested in RealRhapsody which gives you unlimited access to over 800,000 songs and allows you to burn CD’s for 79 cents each.  Other products of interest: RealPlayer Music Store, Radio Pass, RealHarmony, RealOne SuperPass, RealPlayer Plus, STARZ! Ticket on Real Movies, RealArcade, and RealArcade GamePass.  Plus, Real Networks has lots of products for businesses.  This should be a good opportunity to catch up on all of the products being developed and offered by our local company. 

For more information, go to 


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