KEGS General Meeting Schedule

for 2003

A listing of past presenters that we have scheduled for our Monthly General Presentations.






Sorry, no meeting.  The North Bellevue Community & Senior Center will be closed for its annual renovation.



Mark Miller from Microsoft will be speaking on PC security. 

Microsoft is committed to helping you protect your computer against security issues. Come to hear about Microsoft's current and future efforts to help ensure your computing security.  Their departmental website can be seen at:

NOTE: At this presentation, Microsoft provided us with many security support contacts that have been added to our KEGS support site.



Jim Stiles from Wilson WindowWare will be speaking on WinBatch.

WinBatch is a batch language program that lets you take nearly anything your computer can do and assign it to a simple menu selection , command or hotkey.

See more about the program at:



Phil Keairns will give a presentation on Adobe PremiereR

The essential tool for professional digital video editing.

Adobe's website for this product is:



Joe Mraz will help you get it all together with review of networking in today's environment.



Power Quest products are back again.  And this year we will have Gene Barlow.

Those of you who have seen Gene's presentations know how good they are.

As usual we'll have product discounts available (i.e. User Group prices) and Gene will try to also bring product.

Go see all about their product line at: 




Kegabuck$ auction

Our first meeting General Meeting at the Kirkland Teen Center

Learn what it's all about at The KEGABUCK$ Auction

For a list of items that we've collected to here The list



Kegabuck$ auction extra

Hi Group:  during all the rush of getting prepared for the auction I left a whole box of goodies at home that we had promised would be available this year.  As a result, we decided to still offer these items by having a mini auction at the beginning of the August meeting. 

Bring your KEGABUCK$ and be there at 6:45 for more fun and frolic.

Sherry Holthe of the Millennia Corporation will be presenting their family history program: Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree is one of the leading family history programs.  Further information about the program and its many features can be obtained at their website:



Small Box Software
Roy Newcomer



Smart Computing



Microsoft's back again with a full presentation on Office 2003

You'll get a review on both personal and team productivity using the Office 2003 applications: Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, One Note and (if business users are interested:) SharePoint Services. 

There will be an introduction to new technologies for Office users, such as the ability to encrypt e-mail and office files to limit forwarding, copying or printing by the recipient (great for maintaining confidentiality in business transactions.) 

Also, tips and tricks for managing multiple drafts of the same document, recovering data in the event of a software or system failure, multi-language capabilities within Office, e-mail newsletter and catalog merges within Publisher, and the ability to take notes on your PC (and in your own handwriting if you wish.)

Microsoft is bring along some great giveaways including the opportunity to win a copy of Office 2003 professional, an MP3 player,  a copy of Publisher 2003, and One Note 2003.

For both general and specific product info, plus links for downloading free trials, etc,



Herb Johnson is coordinator for the Seattle Mountaineer's Basic Nature Photography Course and Digital Photography Workshop.

He will cover hardware, software and basic techniques used in digital photography and printing.

The presentation will include a choreographed "fade-dissolve" digital image show, demonstration of image management software, and "before and after" examples of image enhancement using "PhotoShop".

Herb will finish with questions and answers.



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